Bundle of photocopies

Scope and Content

Photocopies of papers from a collection in the possession of Earl F. Nation. These photocopies consist of copies of the following pieces: 

  • /1 Typescript description for a sale by Philip C. Duschnes, regarding a collection of papers relating to Sir William Osler.
  • /2 Letter from Earl F. Nation to Philip C. Duschnes after buying the Osler collection, 20 April 1962.
  • /3 A 'fictitious examination paper' written by Osler for Gertrude Jefferson, n.d.
  • /4 Letter written by Geoffrey Jefferson, dated 24 May 1949, of humourous content, signed 'Marlene Yorick Davis', a spoof on a pseudonym once used by Osler.
  • /5 Copy of the above letter with typescript annotation by W.W. Francis, 20 July 1949.
  • /6-7 Letter from W.W. Francis to Geoffrey Jefferson, about the authorship of the above letter, 7 December 1949.
  • /8-9 Letter from W.W. Francis to Geoffrey and Gertrude Jefferson, 1 May 1950.
  • /10 Incomplete typescript copy of humourous biography of Sir William Osler by Geoffrey Jefferson, see JEF/1/2/4/3/3 for holograph manuscript, n.d. [1949?].
  • /11 Postcard signed 'Marlene Yorick Davis', [January] 1951.
  • /12 Letter from W.W. Francis to Geoffrey Jefferson, 11 April 1954.
  • /13-15 Letter from George Fletcher, a Manchester doctor, to Jefferson, 3 April 1951, with a letter from Sir William Osler to George Fletcher about the nature of 'morgellous', 2 October 1919.
  • /16 Typescript description of a letter from William Osler to Ira Remsen, president of the Johns Hopkins University, n.d.