Well Built Mycenae Publications

Scope and Content

This series consists of material relating to the publication series Well Built Mycenae , which largely deals with the Helleno-British excavations under Lord William Taylour. This material includes background information on the publications, such as correspondence and technical details of the project, as well as draft manuscripts and the working notes and analysis generated in the process of publishing a specific fascicule.

Administrative / Biographical History

Excavations under the directorship of Alan Wace were largely published as individual articles summarising each year’s findings in the British School at Athens Annuals. The subsequent seven seasons of Helleno-British excavations, under the directorship of William Taylour, focused on the Citadel House Area and produced a large amount of material. After a couple of studies of the Helleno-British excavations appeared in the BSA Annual, it was decided that the publication of the whole of these excavations was not suited to article form. Rather, it was decided that the excavations should be published in a series of related monographs, collectively known as Well Built Mycenae .

The Well Built Mycenae series was planned to take into account all of the material found during the seven seasons and thematically cover different aspects of the excavations in dedicated fascicules, such as architecture of different periods, types of finds and technical analyses. The research and writing of the different fascicules was assigned to various appropriate scholars. William Taylour and Elizabeth French were the basic editors, along with Ken Wardle and a research assistant and publication editor called Rayna Andrew. The original list of planned fascicules can be found in the first Well Built Mycenae fascicule, which was written by William Taylour and published in 1981.

After Taylour’s death in 1989, this original list was revised and has continued to be adapted over the years as scholars have worked on publishing different areas. As of 2016, ten fascicules have been published with more pending publication.


The material has largely been arranged by the donor. Material has been grouped by the fascicule it was generated from, or last utilised by. Not all of these fascicules have been published, so the material has been arranged under the following sub-series:

  • General Well Built Mycenae: background information and correspondence.
  • Published: material arranged by fascicule, in chronological order.
  • Unpublished: material for fascicules as yet unpublished.

Maps used or produced for Well Built Mycenae are catalogued and stored with the Maps, Plans and Drawings Series.

Access Information

Access may be restricted to some materials due to data protection.

Acquisition Information

Dr Elizabeth French

Other Finding Aids

A detailed spreadsheet catalogue is available. Most material in this series was not card indexed.

Appraisal Information

Appraisal for this material is beyond the scope of the 2016 arrangement and cataloguing project. All records have been kept.

Custodial History

The material in this series was collected and maintained by Dr Elizabeth French.It was transferred to the Faculty of Classics in 2013.


It is anticipated that material from pending and planned fascicules may be deposited with the archive in future.


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