Maps, Plans and Drawings

Scope and Content

This series has three sub-series:

  • 1. Maps: toponcludes files of pottery drawings for small finds as well as illustgraphical and archaeological maps of the Argolid and Mycenae area, including ordinance maps as well as maps produced for publications.
  • 2. Plans and sections: layouts of areas, trenches and levels of Mycenae.
  • 3. Drawings: irative plates produced for publication.

Administrative / Biographical History

Plans and sections were produced during the excavations by members of the dig, particularly the architects, or in preparation for publication.

Pot drawings were produced during study seasons and in the years following the excavations, often for publication. They generally provide scaled outlines or sections of pots, although some also go into more detail with decoration.

Detailed watercolour paintings and ink sketches are also included within the archive. Most have been used as plates in publications. Notable archaeological artists represented in the archive include Piet de Jong (1887-1967) and Emile Gilliéron (1885-1939).


Most of the maps have been stored rolled or are large scale, they are therefore physically stored together. As no original order was evident, they have been grouped by type. For example, by publication.

Plans and sections: many of the plans have been previously arranged by area and were indexed in a numbered sequence. This arrangement has been retained and additional, unnumbered plans, have been grouped with this sub-series.

Pot drawings have been previously arranged by date of excavation, thereafter by object excavation number. This arrangement has been retained. Many are oversize.

The watercolour and ink sketches of finds were previously arranged by type, such as ivory finds, or by publication. This arrangement has been retained and an item level listing is available.

Other Finding Aids

A detailed spreadsheet catalogue is available, much of the material in this series has not been previously card indexed.

Item level lists are available for the original plans and the drawings.

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

The tracing paper of some plans has yellowed and is brittle. A lot of material in this series is oversized. Some maps are rolled.

Appraisal Information

Appraisal for this material is beyond the scope of the 2016 arrangement and cataloguing project. All records have been kept.