Scope and Content

(i) Ithel Hill of Argoed, co. Flint, yeoman, Thomas Topham of Chester, skinner, William Pierce of Mold, co. Flint, gent, David Parry of Nerquis, co. Flint, tanner, William Williams of Mold, co. Flint, gent., William Matthews of Mold, gent., the Rev. Hope Wynne Eyton of Bath, co. Somerset, clerk, the Rev. John Williams of Mold, clerk, Thomas Trevor Mather of Mold, gent., William Evans of Mold, malster, Edward Jones of Mold, innkeeper, Thomas Whitley of Broncoed, co. Flint, gent., Robert Humphreys of Mold, malster, Richard Barker of Chester, gent., and Charles Ingleby of Springfield, co. Flint, esq.

(ii) Glynn Wynn, esq., and Washington Cotes, gent.

Quitclaim to properties bought by (i) on behalf of others at a sale of the estates of Thomas Swymmer Champneys, esq.

Schedule annexed.


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