Lease and Release (Deed to Lead Uses of a Recovery)

Scope and Content

(i) Sir Edward Pryce Lloyd of Pengwern, Baronet, and Edward Mostyn Lloyd of Pengwern, esquire, his eldest son.

(ii) John Jones of Lincolns Inn, esquire.

(iii) Cynric Lloyd of Gloddiath, co. Caernarvon, esquire.

Release to (ii) of Issa Coed capital messuage and Farm Royden Hall in township of Sutton, parish of Holt, Rudley Wood farm and lands in township of Cacha dutton, Holt, Fedw messuage and lands in Sputty Evan [Yspyttu Ifan], co. Denbigh, Pantidda and Tyddyn Werne messuages and lands in Abergele, Bettws and Llangerniew [Llangernyw], messuage with smith's shop in Abergele, fields being part of Tyissa messuage in St. Asaph, co. Denbigh.

(ii) to become Tenant of the Freehold. Recovery to be made by (iii) to use of (i).


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