Copy Quitclaim

Scope and Content

(i) Sir James Tylney Long of Draycot Cerne, Wiltshire, Baronet, and Rt. Hon. Lady Katherine, his wife, late Rt. Hon. Lady Katherine Windsor, eldest daughter of the Rt. Hon. Other Lewis, late Earl of Plymouth, deceased.

(ii) Rt. Hon. Other, Earl of Plymouth.

(iii) Rt. Hon. George William, Earl of Coventry and Rt. Hon. Francis, Earl of Guilford.

(iv) Rt. Hon. Francis, Earl of Hertford, Rt. Hon. Edwin, Lord Sandys, Katherine Countess Dowager of Plymouth.

The portion of Rt. Hon. Lady Katherine, under the will of her late father, including manors, rectories, advowsons, messuages and lands in the cos. of Worcester, Warwick, Chester, Flint and Glamorgan.


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