Deed to lead uses

Scope and Content

(i) The Rt. Hon. Other Hickman, Earl of Plymouth, eldest son of the Rt. Hon. Other Lewis, late Earl of Plymouth, deceased, by the Rt. Hon. Catherine, Countess of Plymouth, late his wife.

(ii) Rt. Hon. Andrew Lord Archer and William Inge, of Saint George, Hanover Square, co. Middlesex, gent.

(iii) Edward Inge and John Inge, gentlemen, both of the same parish.

(iv) Richard Davies of Ellesmere, co. Salop, esq., and Edward Davies of Ellesmere, gent.

Deed to lead the uses (specified) of four recoveries concerning messuages and lands in Bordesley, Terdebig, Redditch, Streech, Bentley, Cobley, Totynhall, Courland, and Hewell, in the cos. of Worcester and Warwick.


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