Grant of Annuity and Quitclaim

Scope and Content

Grant of Annuity, 06 Oct 1806:

(i) Sir Edward Pryce Lloyd of Pengwern, co. Flint, Baronet.

(ii) Harry Smith of Temple Bar, London, banker.

(iii) William Henry Smith of Lomabrd Street, London, gent.

Grant from (i) to (ii) of annuity of £475 issuing out of the manor of Llanidloes, co. Montgomery.

Consideration: £4000.

Quitclaim (endorsed), 04 Aug 1818:

(i) William Henry Smith (as above) and George Smith of Staple Inn, co. Middlesex, gent., executors of the will of Harry Smith.

(ii) William Henry Smith.

(iii) Edward Pryce Lloyd.

Quitclaim of above annuity.

Consideration: £6400, £3% bank annuities.


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