Articles of Agreement

Scope and Content

(i) Evan Roberts of Llansannan, co. Denbigh, yeoman, John Jones of Llansannan, co. Denbigh, yeoman, Catherine verch Robert of Llansannan, widow, and Anne Williams of Llansannan, spinster.

(ii) Robert Wynne of Llansannan, formerly of Saint Giles in the Fields, co. Middlesex, gent.

1. Agreement that Evan Robert shall pay to (ii) 50s. being rent owed.

2. John Jones agrees to pay (ii) £2.5s. being rent owed.

3. Catherine verch Robert agrees to pay (ii) 3s. rent owed.

4. Ann Williams agrees to pay (ii) 50s. rent owed.

5. (i) bind themselves to (ii) in £100.


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