Bargain and Sale

Scope and Content

(i) Rt. Hon. Charles, Earl of Derby, Sir John Trevor of Trevalyn/Allington, Knight, George Twisleton of Denbigh, esquire, Humfrey Ellis of Allrhey, co. Flints, gent.

(ii) Sir Charles Wollseley of Wollseley Hall, co. Stafford, Baronet, Richard Knightley of Hauseley, co. Northampton, esquire, John Twisleton of Dartford, co. Kent, esquire, John Hewley of Wistow, co. York, esquire, Rowland Jewkes the younger of the Inner Temple, gent., Josuah Sprigge, Fellow of All Souls, Oxford.

Manor or Lordship of Mold.

Consideration: £1700 paid to Earl of Derby by John Glynne, Sergeant at Law on behalf of himself and Sir John Trevor, George Twisleton and Humfrey Ellis.


Please order documents using the alternative reference number (where provided).