Scope and Content

(i) The Rt. Hon. Edward Mostyn Lord Mostyn, Baron Mostyn of Mostyn, co. Flint.

(ii) Dame Anna Maria Vaughan of Nannau, co. Merioneth, widow of Sir Robert Williams Vaughan of same place, Baronet, deceased.

(iii) Charles George Bannister of 13 John Street, Bedford Row, co. Middlesex, gent.

(iv) Hon. Elizabeth Lloyd of Pengwern, co. Flint, spinster.

(v) David Williams of Bryn Eryn, co. Merioneth, esq.

(vi) The said Edward Mostyn, Lord Mostyn.

(vii) Hon. Thomas Edward Mostyn Lloyd Mostyn of Mostyn, co. Flint, eldest son and heir apparent of (i).

Manor of Mostyn, co. Flint, and various capital messuages in cos. of Flint, Denbigh and Caernarvon including Mostyn Home Estate, Maesmynan Estate, Llangollen or Pengwern Hall Estate, Flint Estate, Bodysgallen Estate, Llanrwst or Berthddu Estate and Greanllyn Estate (subject to term of 500 years in settlement of marriage of late Sir Roger Mostyn Baronet, and Miss Margaret Wynne 17 May 1766).


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