Scope and Content

(i) Roger Hughes of Tremeirchion, co. Flint, gent., nephew and heir of Richard Jones late of the same, gent., deceased, who was brother, heir and executor of John Jones, late of Tremeirchion, gent., deceased, Thomas Hughes of Kilowen [Cilowen], co. Flint, yeoman, Richard Hughes of Tremeirchion, yeoman, John Hughes of Tremeirchion, yeoman, Robert Jones of Gwaenysgor, co. Flint, yeoman, and Catherine, his wife, and Robert Davies of Marian in the parish of Cwm, co. Flint, yeoman, and Elizabeth, his wife, administrators of the goods of said Richard Jones, deceased.

(ii) William Vaughan of Bronheilog in the parish of Llanfair Talhayarne [Llanfairtalhaearn], co. Denbigh, esq.

(iii) Grace Price of Aelwyd ucha in the parish of Tremeirchion, widow.

Assignment by (i) and (ii) to (iii) of a mortgage in £60 dated 1/2 August 1711 of a messuage and lands (named) in Tremeirchion.

Consideration: £60.


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