Deed of Revocation of Uses

Scope and Content

(i) Sir John Wynne of Gwydyr, Knight.

(ii) Sir Roger Mostyn of Mostyn, Knight.

Revocation of uses expressed in deed of 16 Feb 1605/6 being release from Sir Thomas Mostyn of Mostyn, Knight, Sir Roger Mostyn, Knight, his son and heir, Thomas Mostyn, his second son, to Sir John Wynne, Knight, Roger Puleston of Emral, esquire, Thomas Powell of Parke, co. Salop, esquire, Richard Groyne of Bangor, co. Caernavon, esquire, of estate of Sir Thomas Mostyn which he held on 20 Jul 1595, in counties of Flint, Denbigh, Caernarvon and Anglesey (except estate in Bangor which Sir Thomas Mostyn purchased from Sir Richard Bulkeley, Knight, and estate in cos. Chester, Flint and in city of Chester which Sir Thomas had in right of Ursula, his wife, now deceased).


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