Final concord at Chester

Scope and Content

(i) Roger Downes esq. and Theophilus Greene gent., plaintiffs.

(ii) Hugh Beeston, knight and Margaret his wife, deforcaints.

Beeston Castle, manors of Beeston, Peckforton and Overmarsh, half the manors of Bunbury and Helsby, quarter of the manor of Spurstow, 120 messuages, 20 cottages, 2 water-mills, 140 gardens, 140 orchards, 2000 acres of land, 800 acres of meadow, 3000 acres of pasture, 500 acres of wood, 3000 acres of heath and briar, 1500 acres of moor, 40 acres of land and water, and 100s. rent in Beeston, Peckforton, Bunbury, Spurstow and 24 other places (named), co. Chester.

Consideration: £1000.


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