Deed to lead the uses of a recovery

Scope and Content

(i) John Edwards of Prestatyn, gent.

(ii) Hugh Ellis of Axton, co. Flint, gent., and Robert Jones of Tre Abbot, co. Flint, gent.

(iii) William Rutter of Bryngwyn Escob, co. Flint, esq., and Thomas Lewys of Whitford, co. Flint, gent.

Covenant by (i) to suffer a recovery to be had against himself in the next Court of Great Sessions of a messuage and lands (named) in Tre Abbot and Tre Mostyn. (ii) to appear and vouch (i) to warranty.

Consideration: £70 from Hugh Ellis and £75 from Robert Jones to (i), and barring of entail.


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