Copies of Exhibits (Maps)

Scope and Content

Attorney-General v. Mostyn - copies of exhibits, being copies of various maps relating to Mostyn collieries, the manor of Mostyn and the estuary of the River Dee from the 17th century to the mid-19th century:

(i) Working drawing of the Whimsey Pit, n.d. (17th Century).

(ii) Grenville Collins' map of the River Dee, 1674.

(iii) A New Survey of the River Dee, n.d.

(iv) Map of the River Dee by John Mackay, 1732.

(v) Map of the manor of Mostyn by Thomas Badeslade, 1743.

(vi) Map of Mostyn Pits by John Foulkes, 1751.

(vii) Part of Whitford enclosure award.

(viii) Map from 'the River Dee award'.

(ix) Map of the manor of Mostyn by Edward Jones of Plas Ucha.

(x) The manor of Mostyn by Thomas Jones, 1816.

(xi) Map of coal pits referred to in a report of John Farey, 1814.

(xii) Map of Mostyn shore, n.d.

(xiii) Part of Whitford tithe map.

(xiv) Map of the manor of Mostyn, n.d.

(xv) Model map of Mostyn shore, c.1854.

(xvi) 1" OS map showing boundaries of manors in the River Dee, 1840.

(xvii) Map of the manors of Holywell, Fulbrook and Greenfield by Isaac Taylor, 1817.

(xviii) Survey of the manor of Hawarden, 1740.


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