Scope and Content

(i) William Hodgson Bowes Barwin of New Boswell Court, co. Middlesex, accountant, Edmund Waller of London, stationer, Charles Appleyard of Lincolns Inn, co. Middlesex, solicitor, and William Bell of London.

(ii) James Thomas Cookney of Lambs Conduit Place, co. Middlesex, solicitor.

(iii) Robert Wynne Williams of Bedford Place, co. Middlesex, esq.

The sum of £134,940.17s.1d. from (i) to (iii), (owing to (i) by virtue of the indenture of 26 Apr 1850) together with interest due now and hereafter.

(i) assigns to (iii) all the principal sums of money, interest and costs assigned by (iii) to William Strachan, Sir John Dean Paul and Robert Makin Bates.

(i) to (ii) collieries, coal mines, seams of coal, cannel slack and ironstone engines, tackle, apparatus, machinery & other chattels & effects recited in indentures of 08 Dec 1853 and 26 Apr 1850.

(i) to (iii) the contents of Bill of Sale to Thomas Pryce Lloyd from the Sherrif of Flintshire and all that the Judgement obtained by Thomas Pryce Lloyd & the principal sum £22,575.9s.6d. and all interest remaining.

Consideration: 5,000.


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