Scope and Content

(i) Lady Charlotte Margaret Mostyn Champneys of Gloddaeth, co. Caernarvon, widow of the late Sir Thomas Swymmer Mostyn Champneys, Baronet, deceased.

(ii) The Hon. Edward Mostyn Lloyd Mostyn, of Mostyn Hall, co. Flint.

On the part of (ii):

(1) Promise by (ii) to pay (i) £10,000 within 3 months and to enter into a bond to secure it.

(2) (ii) to pay all (i)'s debts and settle the case Sturgis v. Champneys.

(3) (ii) to settle the case Lord Mostyn versus (i).

(4) (ii) to transfer annuity of £900 from the Orchardleigh estate to (i).

(5) (ii) to indemnify Gloddaeth and Gogarth estates against mortgage debts of £48,000 and annuities of £680, and pay to (i) half the royalties of the Talar Goch Mines on the Gop and Rhyd estates.

And on the part of (i):

(1) promise to convey to (ii) manors advowsons and estates in Chester and co. Chester, and the Gop and Rhyd estates, co. Flint except as noted above, and subject to the said mortgage debts.

(2) agreement to effect conveyances to bar the entail on above.


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