Counterpart Lease

Scope and Content

(i) The Rt. Hon. William, Earl of Abergavenny, Ralph Merrick Leeke of Longford Hall, co. Salop, esq., and the Hon. And Rev. Edward Vesey Bligh of Birling, co. Kent, clerk.

(ii) Richard Harrison, gent., and Edward Jones, gent., both of Holywell, co. Flint.

Mines and veins of lead, lead ore, copper, copper ore and all other minerals under several parcels of land forming part of Celyn Farm, parish of Whitford, co. Flint (boundaries delineated in annexed plan) with full power to work the said mines and veins.

Term: 21 years.

Rent: 1/12 part of minerals obtained from the said mines or its full value in money, the total rent being a minimum of 20 years.

Consideration: royalties, rents and covenants.


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