Final concord at Chester

Scope and Content

(i) Francis Earl Rhuddlan, Thomas Viscount Savage, William Brereton Baronet, Peter Leigh knight, Roger Downes esq., and John Werden gent., plaintiffs.

(ii) Thomas Savage esq. and Bridget his wife (late wife of Edward Somerset knight deceased), and William Whitmore esq. and Margaret his wife, deforciants.

Beeston Castle, manors of Beeston and Peckforton, half the manor of Bunbury and Terton, 100 messuages, 20 cottages, 2 mills, 100 gardens, 100 orchards, 1000 acres of land, 400 acres of meadow, 1000 acres of pasture, 200 acres of wood, 1000 acres of heath and briar, 500 acres of moor, 40 acres of ... land and 100s. rent in Beeston, Peckforton, Bunbury, Spurstow, Halton, Ridley, Terton, Tattenhall, ... and Minshull Vernon (co. Chester).

Consideration: £400.


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