Scope and Content

(i) Katherine Roberts, widow, and sister of Jane Roberts, late of Whitford, co. Flint, spinster, deceased, and William Evans, of Conway, co. Caernarvon.

(ii) Rev. Edward Edwards of Pennant, co. Denbigh, clerk.

Discharges as in D/M/3947 [by (i) of (ii) and his estates in Llangwstenin, co. Denbigh, from payment of legacies due to them under the will of John Salisbury, late of Llanwthen, co. Caerarvon, gent., deceased, for various considerations, being the amount of the respective legacies plus interest].

Annexed: copy of burial certificate of Jane Davies at Whitford 5 April 1774, account of Catherine Roberts, administratrix of her late sister, Jane Roberts, spinster, deceased, copy of burial certificate of Elizabeth Roberts, at Conway, 10 Nov 1791, copy of marriage certificate of William Evans of Penross, co. Anglesey, mariner, and Elizabeth Roberts, at Saint Oswald, Chester, 25 Apr 1772, and letters of administration granted to William Evans, husband of Elizabeth Roberts alias Evans, 6 June 1793.


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