Mortgage in £10,000

Scope and Content

(i) Thomas Longueville Longueville of Oswestry, co. Salop, esq.

(ii) The said Thomas Longueville Longueville and William Henry Kinnaird Gibbons of the Old Lodge, co. Surrey, esq.

(iii) The Rt. Hon. Lady Henrietta Augusta Mostyn of Birling Manor, co. Kent, widow, and the Hon. Ralph Pelham Nevill of Malling House, co. Kent.

(iv) The Rt. Hon. William Nevill, Ralph Merrick Leeke of Longford Hall, co. Salop, esq., and the Hon. and Rev. Edward Vesey Bligh of Birling Vicarage, co. Kent, clerk.

Estates in Trelogan, co. Flint.

Plan and schedule annexed.


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