Lease and Release

Scope and Content

(i) John Jones of Plasbuckley, farmer, Edward Jones of Abenbury vechan, ironmaster, and Elizabeth, his wife, and Ellin Jones of Plasbuckley, spinster, devisees of David Jones, late of Plasbuckley, deceased.

(ii) Elizabeth Jones of Plasbuckley, widow of David Jones, John Scofield of Rochdale, co. Lancaster, yarn manufacturer and Jane, his wife, Jane Jones of Bersham, widow and administratrix of Edward Jones, late of Plas Buckley, deceased, Robert Jones of Plas Buckley, farmer, Thomas Everett of Manchester, and Mary, his wife, and Sarah Jones of Plas Buckley, spinster (Jane Scofield, Edward Jones, deceased, Robert Jones, Mary Everett and Sarah Jones being the younger children and legatees of David Jones, deceased).

(iii) Edward Davies of Wrexham, carpenter, and Joseph Kelling of Wrexham, ironmonger.

(iv) Joseph Langford of Wrexham, gent.

(v) Richard Parry of Penybryn, Llandegla, gent.

Margaret Wynne's tenement, containing 25a 34p, and Anne

Hughes's farm containing 33a 3r 20p in Esclusham Above,

and two pews in Minera Chapel.

Consideration: £500 to (iii) from (v)

£200 to (iv) from (v)

£1,280 to (i) from (v)

1/2 August 1821