Publicity and Promotion

Administrative / Biographical History

The Literature& Publicity Subcommittee was established in 1919 to deal with the propaganda work of the National Federation of Women's Institute (NFWI), which had previously been carried out with the help of the Women's section of the Agricultural Organisation Society (AOS). In 1922 it became the Education, Literature & Publicity subcommittee before the Education and Printing subcommittees divided the work in 1925. Printing then became responsible for the issuing of publicity material. In 1945, the Press & Publicity Subcommittee was established to co-ordinate the work that was being done in this area. In 1960 the Publicity Ad Hoc committee was established to 'present the NFWI to the Public via the press, radio and television in such a way as to show the wide variety of membership, and the full range of activities and interests of members of all ages'.