Miscellaneous Documents, Letters, and Memoranda

Scope and Content

Contains the following:

1. List of Committee Chairmen, staff and important dates 1943-1967.

2. List of staff continued 1948-1967.

4. Programme for the opening ceremony, 24 Sep 1948.

7. Report of first Country Housewives course on 4-8 Oct 1948. Probably written by Betty Christmas for the committee.

9. Copy of Church Magazine from Marcham Church dated Apr 1948, announcing the re-opening of Marcham and Frilford WI.

11. Letter from the Warden (Betty Christmas) to Miss Davies, dated 7 Dec 1948 explaining the finances of the College.

12. Letter from Potters Bar and Little Heath WI, 28 Aug 1948, objecting to a German receptionist at the College.

13. Reply to letter 12 from Warden dated 4 Sep 1948 and b) their reply back.

14a) Letter from Betty Christmas (Warden) to Sir Richard Livingstone, dated 5 May 1949, asking him to sign visitors book; 14b) his reply dated 7 May 1949.

15. Article - 'Pioneer Champion of life in rural England' about Grace Hadow, published in the Oxford Magazine c.1988. Sent to Pauline Brown by Lady Brunner b) with attached letter.

16. Copy of letter from Betty Christmas to Dame Frances Farrer dated 11 Aug 1948 with information for students coming on 'B' courses.

17. Letter from Lady Denman to Lady Albermarle, dated 4 Mar 1949, making suggestions about how the work of NFWI could link with Denman College programmes.

19. Later version of 18.

20. Alterations to notes for Chairman of courses suggested in 1951 by Lady Brunner and a letter to Miss Christmas from Joan Bernard (Assistant Secretary NFWI) dated 8 May 1951. Letters from Miss Christmas to Miss Bernard dated 9 May 1951 and 28 Jun 1951.

22. Sir Richard Livingstone's speech on the occasion of Denman College's fifth birthday party, 22 Sep 1953.

23. Letter from General Secretary to Warden asking her to consider setting up an archive and enclosing a Festival of Britain certificate.

24. Letter from Warden to Mrs Jenkins dated 31 Oct 1952 with amusing combination of names of people who have stayed at the College. Inez Jenkins used some of these names in her book of the History of the WI.

25. Photograph of the Agricultural Organisations Society, with Nugent Harris in the centre, letter from Nugent Harris to Dame Francis dated 3 Jan 1952 enclosing the photograph, and giving some details of who is on it. (Link with Nugent Harris room).

26. Letter from General Secretary to Warden dated 3 Feb 1953, with photograph of AOS; letter from Warden to Nugent Harris thank him dated 10 Feb 1953 and a further letter from Nugent Harris dated 15 Feb 1953.

28.Letter to Miss Christmas from Miss Wickens dated 15 Jun 1953 about a Denman College 'album' compiled by a WI pen friend in British Columbia, and a letter from Miss Christmas to Mrs Wickens dated 25 Jun 1953 thanking her.

29. The Lady Denman GBE, an appreciation. Produced for members in 1954 after her death.

30 a and b. 8/9 Letter from Elizabeth Christmas to Mrs Yeo with some reflections on the educational work of the College dated 5 Jul 1954, and referring to the use of evening sessions of broader educational interest and the need for 'time off' to 'relax and enjoy the lovely things in house and garden'.

31. Letter to Mrs 'Duffy' Rothenstein (the artist) from The Warden dated 24 Nov 1955 making comments about the portrait of Elizabeth Christmas.

32. Attendance's from Counties on A and B courses Sep 1948 - Dec 1956.

33. Photograph of Elizabeth (Betty) Christmas with Elizabeth Lady Brunner and Memorial service for Elizabeth Christmas, 9 Nov 1956; order of service; address at the service given by Rev IM Haines.

34-36. Letters to Miss McCall (Warden) from Mary Seaton - a tutor, discussing possible talks - interesting references to William Morris.

37. Memorandum for Mr Farrer-Brown - Ministry of Education supporting a grant application 19 Dec 1963 (5 pages).

38. Copy of blank of Chairman's report form dated 14 Sep 1956.

39. Papers for Denman Policy Day 23 Nov 1984, by Principal Wendy Thorogood and Deputy Principal Bernard Batchelor. Paper from Wendy Thorogood dated 16 Nov 1984 including details of contracting out catering and Bursar's report. Also details of 'closed' courses at Urchfont Manor. Appendix III from deputy principal (probably Janet Garner) on making better use of the teaching accommodation and reporting on the under use of the Home Economics Centre. Also makes reference to curriculum and resources.

40. Memorandum from Principal (Wendy Thorogood) to General Secretary (Anne Ballard) on Five Year Development Plan - consultative document c.1984.

41. Minutes of meeting to discuss open weeks dated 30 Jul 1984. Instead of day visits all through the year it suggests an open week - also suggests a group to discuss the future educational work of the College.

42. Letter from Anne Ballard to Wendy Thorogood dated 19 Oct 1984.

Refers to Education Coordinating Group (ECG) and difficulty of not having a committee for Denman.

43. Report and valuation of the College by Cluttons May 1985 and review of other properties available.

44. Report written by John Spicer (JDS) - 11 May 1985 to the Trust about the viability of the College.

45. Letter from John Spicer to Anne Ballard dated 4 Jul 1985, and his review of Denman College.

46. Record of discussion by NFWI Executive Committee and Trustees about future of Denman College Jul 1985 (refers to reports 43,44,45).

47. Letter from Anne Ballard to Lady Anglesey (Trustee) referring to the future of the College dated 11 Jan 1985.

48. Letter from Lady Anglesey to Anne Ballard referring to the future of the College dated 11 Jan 1985.

51. Number of members from each Federation that have taken courses during the years 1983,1984 and 1985.

52. Letter from Anne Ballard to Wendy Thorogood refers to staffing at the college.

53. Letter from Elizabeth Lady Brunner to Pauline Brown dated 26 Jan [1988] also includes transcript.

54. Letter from Pauline Brown to Agnes Salter dated 18 May 1987.

58. Schedule for the competition to design a study bedroom - Design Award 1993.

59. Plan of Home Acres.

60. File copy of letter from Pauline Brown (Principal) to Jean Varnam (National Chairman) dated 16 Mar 1989, refers to various items including setting up Travel Fund.

61. Invitation to the Inaugural Sir Richard Livingstone Lecture on 28 Sep 1993.

62. Letter from Debbie Reardon to Pauline Brown dated 19 Oct 1988 and reply from Pauline Brown dated 7 Nov 1988.

63. Vale of the White Horse Design Award Scheme. 1995. Leaflet about results of awards - Beech and Willow won award under category 2.

64. Learning Together - A NFWI Handbook in Travelling Tutor courses. Aug 1996.