Office and Finance

Administrative / Biographical History

The administrative function of the National Federation of Women's Institute (NFWI) was first carried out by staff under the guidance of the Office and Finance Subcommittee, which was established in 1917, and with the assistance of financial advisers. Helena Auerbach was the first treasurer of the NFWI. Its main initial responsibility consisted of negotiations with organisations such and the Board of Trade and the Carnegie Trust regarding the awards of grant to finance the fledgling NFWI as well as considering budgets of expenditure by other subcommittees and making recommendations to the Executive Committee. After 1990, there were traditionally three Holding Trustees who were also in the Finance Committee. Following the incorporation of the NFWI in that year, the Executive Committee became the Board of Trustees. Since then, the office and finance functions of the organisation have been dealt with by Central Services and Support, assisted and monitored by the Finance committee. In 2000, the administration of Denman College's finances and those of NFWI were brought together and dealt with centrally.