Publications by Professor James Dewey ("Jim") Watson and Dr Victor Almon McKusick

Scope and Content

This series contains publications by two different authors. The first is the famous Honest Jim draft manuscript by Jim Watson, and related correspondence and presscuttings. The second is a set of Human Gene Map circulars from Dr Victor Almon McKusick, often described as the father of modern genetics. Pontecorvo did have an extenive reprint collection but he sold most of it to raise money for for the University of Glasgow Department of Genetics. It seems that he had a personal attachment to the Honest Jim manuscript, and it is clear that it is a very valuable item. The Human Gene Map circulars are important as they demonstarte advances in ideas on gene mapping and genetics from 1979-1983.


The loose items have been removed from the manuscript and repacked in folder. Tried to maintain the order in which they were found within the manuscript.