Large bundle of correspondence relating to the Foreword written by Ponrecorvo for a book titled Aspergillus Nidulans: 50 years on (Elsevier, 1994)

Scope and Content

Dr J Alan Roper and A J Clutterback (both Glasgow geneticists) wrote chapters on the history of Aspergillus for the book. Pontecorvo was surprised that he was asked to write the Foreqword as he believed he was "utterly out of touch with Aspergillus work". He was told that he was asked because he was the one who started work on Aspergillus.

Includes correspondence between Pontecorvo and the editors, Dr Sylvia D Martinelli and Jim Kinghorn, a draft copy of the Memorandum of Agreement between Pontecorvo and the publishers, draft copies of Pontecorvo's Foreword for the book, and brief correspondence between Pontecorvo and Professor David Cove about Pontecorvo's objections to Cove's letter about Walter Bodmer's ideas on Aspergillus (the letter was mentioned in the book and Pontecorvo believed that Cove's account was innacurate).