Correspondence between Pontecorvo and Richard C Davidson regarding publishing his paper titled Production of indefinitely multiplying mammalian somatic cell hybrids by polyethylene glycol (PEG) treatment in Somatic Cell Genetics

Scope and Content

Including a copy comments made on Pontecorvo's paper by the referee. In October 1975 Davidson (Editor of the journal) wrote to Pontecorvo to tell him how his work on polyethylene glycol had attracted a lot of attention and how he thought that Pontecorvo's discovery would "significantly extend the range of possibilities with cell hybridization by making it feasible for almost anyone to carry out cell fusion experiment. Pontecorvo responds by asking Davidson to refrain from referring to it as his "discovery" and explains how "the discovery was made by the botanists, all that I did was to become impatient with the complete neglect of their discovery on our side of the fence and try PEG on mammalian cells".