Ethics and eugenics by Lionel Sharples Penrose in The Biological Revolution: Social Good or Social Evil edited by Watson Fuller, Anchor Books, 1971

Scope and Content

Copy of pages 119-120 relating to a discussion added to the end of Penrose's paper between Lal, Jacques Monod, Lionel Sharples Penrose and Pontecorvo. The text in this book is based on papers and discussions presented at an international conference in London on 26-28 November 1970 organized by the British Society for Social Responsibility in Science.

Pontecorvo has highlighted his contribution to this dicussion where he says "It seems to me that it is absolutely playing the ostrich to talk as Professor Penrose did; we are just deluding ourselves if we think that human genetic engineering is so in the realm of science fiction that we don't need to start thinking about it."He goes on to say "if we don't start discussing these matters now, we shall get to the state, as we did with the atom bomb, where nobody knows what is going on."