Posters and notices of meetings

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- agenda, list of participants, 2 background papers for seminar on Sex Discrimination and Tax on 15 Oct 1977 organised by National Council for Civil Liberties

- meetings for the Fabian Society, Autumn 1977

- progress of meeting held on 12 Oct 1977 for the Equal Pay and Opportunity Campaign

- poster and press release for 'Black women: we're in Britain for the money', Oct and Nov 1977

- weekly lectures for the Feminist Education Group, Nov-Dec 1977

- conference programme for 'Women and Power: dimensions of women's historical experience' held on 16-18 Nov 1977

- posters for 'The government should pay wages for housework', debate on BBC Radio 4, 6 Feb 1977?

- notice of meeting for London Homeworking Campaign, 29 Dec 1977

- leaflet for Annual General Meeting and seminar held on 23 Nov 1977 organised by One Parent Families

- leaflet for Women and Custody workshop held on 21 Jan 1978

- women and mental health conference registration form

- leaflet for Women's theatre week

- poster for The Fawcett Lecture 1977-1978 delivered by David Donnison 'Men, Women and Social Security' held on 14 Feb 1977

- notice for 'Co-operatives a living alternative?' on 3 Dec 1977

- Midlands Regional Women's Liberation Conference, 22-23 Oct

- conference papers on revolutionary feminism, differences between autonomy and separatism, and workshop papers

- notice about London Feminist Seminars

- registration form for Women and Medicine

- notice for workshop for Lesbian Left at the National Women's Liberation Conference

- notice for meeting organised by Women against Rape, Jul 1977