Women's Movement in UK and US

Scope and Content

Consists of:

- leaflets for ISIS [Women's International information and communication service]

- leaflet for Mediawatch, Aug 1981

- membership form for CREW [Centre for Research on European Women]

- newsletter vol 1 no 2, CWN news [City Women's Network]

- notes of meeting of Equal Pay and Opportunity Campaign

- notes of meeting with Jonathan Charkham, Director of Public Appointments Unit, Jul 1981

- papers relating to maternity pay changes in the Social Security Bill, 1981

- photocopy of Resolution on the position of women in the European Community as adopted on 11 Feb 1981

- photocopy of The Women's Agenda, 1980

- leaflet for International Women's Day march, Mar 1981

- press release for New Women's Media directory, Jan 1981

- pamphlet 'Woman's Financial Letter....By private subscription only'

- subscription leaflet for newsletter WIN news [Women's International Network], 1980

- charter of Iranian Women's Alliance, Nov 1980

- list of talks 'Alternative voices'

- leaflet 'Stop the exile of British wives', National Council for Civil Liberties

- leaflet 'Fawcett Focus for Feminists'

- leaflet Rights for Women, The Collective Fund

- newsletter The Collective Fund, no 38, May 1979

- list of Civil Liberty publications by National Council for Civil Liberties, Summer 1979

- 'Did you know?' prepared by the Board of Managers of the New York Chapter of the Women's National Book Association, Sep / Oct, and Nov 1979

- schedule of meetings and network directory form, membership leaflet for Women's National Book Association / New York Chapter

- WNBA [Women's National Book Association] Network Directory, May 1979

- paper 'Some basic facts about the Equal Rights Amendment' prepared by the ERA Committee of NOW - NY


- EOC news, Feb/Mar, Apr/May, 1980

- Women in Action (pilot edition), 1979

Press cuttings: from New York Times on women and work; list of Women's Liberation Centres in 1978 from Spare Rib