London Women's Liberation Movement conference papers 1976

Scope and Content

Papers relating to London Women's Liberation Movement conference in Jun 1976

Consists of:

- The 7th demand - some notes for discussion

- resolutions

- paper 'What is the Mouvement de Liberation des Femmes?'

- proposal for a further demand of the Women's Liberation Movement by Joan Nolan, member of the Brighton Women's Liberation Group

- leaflet To the people of the World

- Women in Portugal

- Organising with women in hospitals by Big Flame women

- questions of feminism by Rob

- paper 'Feminism and psychotherapy' by Nina

- problems of consciousness raising from UEA Women's Group

- Fizzling out or taking off?

- What has happened to the Women's Liberation and Socialism conferences? by Coast Women's Group

- circular letter 'Appeal for an European Women's meeting'

- leaflet 'Which way for WIRES?', Women's Liberation Movement National information service

- Sex discrimination campaign (Women's Liberation Movement) conference papers, activities and decision at Manchester 1975

- Women's Aid and the Women's Movement, Apr 1976