Sale of Paintings to Dr P.E. Pieris

Scope and Content

There are two letters from P.E. Pieris to Sir Richard Winstedt. The first thanks Sir Richard for informing him that the Council had agreed to sell the Painting to him for £100. Typed letter, 1 side, dated 1 January 1947. The Council Minutes for 12 December 1946 record that the Council "Agreed to sell a Dutch picture to Dr. P.E. Pieris for £100. The second thanks the Council for giving to him further pictures - four of which are to go to Colombo Museum, one to Kandy while the portrait of the "Moorish doctor" had given rise to a series of letters in the local paper. He also write about the sketches of gods and goddesses which the Society had offered to lend him for 6 months. Typed, 1 side, dated 5 May 1950. The Council Minutes for 8 December 1949 records "Sketches asked for by Dr. Pieris to be presented to him gratis". The Minutes for 9 February 1950 record "A letter of thanks from Mr Pieris for two Ceylonese sketches" and those for 20 April 1950 record "Resolved to give Dr. P.E. Pieris five pen-and-ink sketches of Ceylon viz. Nos. 2, 21, 22 and 23 of Portfolio 2 and No. 29 of Portfolio 4 and to lend him for 6 months coloured drawings of Hindu gods, etc., if desired."