Mill, correspondence

Scope and Content

  • MS 101/62/1-10;D Letters (10) to William Speirs Bruce, 1897-1910 [Various polar subjects of mutual interest] 11 leaves, holograph
  • MS 117;D Letter to Mr Burdon, 11 January 1924 [Reply to congratulations on his Shackleton book] 1 leaf, holograph
  • MS 932/10/1-5;D Letters (5) to John Lachlan cope, 1919-1925 [Regarding Cope's proposed Antarctic expedition, baggage left by Cope with Mrs Foote] holograph
  • MS 932/11;D Letter to Mrs Foote, 15 October 1925 [He agrees to look after some baggage that Cope had left with her] holograph
  • MS 100/77/1-2;D letters (2) copies to J Gordon Hayes, 7 November and December 1930 [Regarding synopsis of the proposes Conquest of the South Pole] 6 leaves, typescript
  • MS 100/78;D Letter to W H Hobbs, 21 February 1939, typescript
  • MS 1591/1/8/1;D Letter to Alexander Hepburne Macklin, 16 December 1922 [Request for Macklin, John Robert Francis Wild and Frank Worsley to check draft of Life of Shackleton and comment on the last four chapters] holograph
  • MS 1591/1/8/2;D Letter to Alexander Hepburne Macklin, 8 January 1923 [Comments about the typescript of the Quest book] holograph
  • MS 1591/1/8/3;D Letter to Alexander Hepburne Macklin, 22 January 1923 [Comments on the meteorological report of the Shackleton-Rowett Antarctic Expedition, 1921-1922] holograph
  • MS 367/25;D Letter to Sir Clements Markham, 17 February 1905 [Regarding Antarctic place names] holograph
  • MS 356/73/1-5;D Letters (5) to Robert Neal Rudmose Brown, 20 July 1923 to 25 September 1928 [Various polar matters] 5 leaves, holograph
  • MS 366/15;ER Letters (2) to Robert Falcon Scott, 8 October 1903 and 8 June 1904 [In papers of the British National Antarctic Expedition, 1901-1904, volume 5 items 65-66] autograph
  • MS 1537/2/16/6;D Letter to Emily Shackleton, 22 June 1908 [Refers to British Antarctic Expedition, 1907-1909]
  • MS 1537/2/34/1/1;D Letter to Emily Shackleton, 1 June 1916 [Congratulations on Ernest Shackleton's arrival in South Georgia] holograph
  • MS 1537/2/5/9;D Letter of recommendation for Ernest Henry Shackleton, 30 November 1903 [As secretary of Royal Scottish Geographical Society]
  • MS 1537/2/5/10;D Letter to Ernest Henry Shackleton, 15 December 1903
  • MS 100/79;D Letter to Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton, 5 November 1921, copy
  • MS 100/80;D Letter (copy) to a Stevens, 24 November 1928 [Regarding Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1914-1916] 1 leaf, holograph
  • MS 1418/6;D Letter to the Librarian of the Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand, 6 April 1943 [Regarding his recollections of Alexander Turnbull in 1914] 2 leaves, typescript (carbon)

Administrative / Biographical History

General correspondence regarding polar matters, personalities and personal recollections. Correspondents include William Speirs Bruce, John Lachlan Cope, Sir Clements Markham, Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton.


MS 1537/2/16/6;D and MS 1537/2/5/9;D relate to [1456/22] [1456/84] in the Fisher papers, a collection of papers collated by James and Margery Fisher during their work on the life of Ernest Shackleton.

Related Material

The Institute holds over ninety archival collections which contain letters addressed to Mill, these include, Roald Amundsen, Louis Charles Bernacchi, Castern Egeberg Borchervink, William Speirs Bruce, Frank Debenham, Joseph Dalton Hooker, John Scott Keltie, Sir Clements Markham, Nils Otto Nordenskjld, Raymond Priestley, Robert Falcon Scott, Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton, Edward Adrian Wilson and Sir Charles Wright amounts others.