Notes, Thomas Middleton and City tragedy

Scope and Content

Notes, Thomas Middleton and City tragedy: general notes on Middleton, history of the period—Puritanism and Theatre, table 'dividing the age', historical influence on drama, early prose satires, Middleton's earlier work, Middleton's work and the Puritans, Middleton's Women Beware Women—social class/sex/women/social responsibility, Middleton's Game at Chess in context, city entertainment, political themes in tragi-comedies, summary of findings to date, outline of article about Middleton, audience and censorship and patronage, notes for a talk, notes on 'The Middle years', notes for a lecture on social and political background, outline for a seminar on puritans and theatre, draft 'Balliol paper II' on Middleton, correspondence with NW Bawcutt, of the University of Liverpool

See also HEIN/2/3/20 and HEIN/4/19