Notes, drama and social change 1600-1680

Scope and Content

Notes, drama and social change 1600-1680: audiences and theatre and patrons and tastes, puritanism and theatre, women and sex and marriage, rulers and ruled, gentry and soldiers and money-men, what the Restoration did and didn't mean, setting the scene, tragedy of state or political tragedy before the Civil War, pre-Revolutionary England, Shakespeare's histories, early 17th century chronicle and adventure plays for popular theatres, women, consequences of patrons, comparing Restoration with Jacobean comedy, censorship and state control, scenery and spectacle, George Etherege's The Man of Mode, William Wycherley's The Country Wife, Aphra Behn's The Rover, popular theatre and popular protest; copy extracts from 16th and 17th century dramatic works to be used as handouts