Ennerdale Intake, Ennerdale Water, Cumbria

Scope and Content

Ennerdale Intake, Ennerdale Water, Cumbria, lake tunnel to the water treatment works including cofferdam: North West Water Authority. Correspondence, calculations, diagrams, reports on site investigation (relating to a new weir at Ennerdale Water, 1978), ground investigation, and engineering; maps, plans, bore-hole logs (Soil Mechanics, 1978), test data, piezometer readings, lab test results, tender and contract documents, site diaries and shift reports, photographs, minutes and notes of meetings (including draft), notes, jottings, sketches, and background material and copy articles going back to 1971, relating to lake tunnel drive access shaft Clause 12 contractual Claim: "use of [compressed] air" during tunnelling. Rowe advised Rofe, Kennard and Lapworth, the consulting engineers working for North West Water, on the building of the intake and concerning the dispute. The claim appears to be Rofe, Kennard and Lapworth in dispute with J.F. Donelon and Co. (their subcontractors).

Includes press cutting obituary relating to mining engineer Rudolph "Silas" Glossop, comment by Rowe in one of his letters that he had been told that "the miners could hear work on the Inlet, which would appear to indicate that the tunnel has been proceeding generally in the right direction!", April 1993, and Retaining Wall Analysis Program Geosolve User's Manual Version 3.