Scope and Content

Peter Rowe acted as a consultant to a number of dock schemes, advising on the design and construction of quays and jetties and undertaking tests on the stability of sheet-pile retaining walls. Among the most extensive files are those relating to the construction of a general cargo quay at King George Dock, Hull (PWR/4/2/3/2); the construction of Grangemouth Dock on the Firth of Forth (PWR/4/2/3/5) and Hunterston Oil Terminal in Ayrshire (PWR/4/2/3/8); the investigation of ground movements behind the seawall at Faslane Submarine Base on the Clyde (PWR/4/2/3/16); the construction of a new lock entrance to Vickers Shipyard, Barrow-in-Furness (PWR/4/2/3/17); and the development of a deep-water berth at Immingham Dock (PWR/4/2/3/18).

Related Material

There is also information on Manchester, Salford and Runcorn Docks within the Manchester Ship Canal section of the archive: see PWR/4/1/23-24, PWR/4/1/27 and PWR/4/1/31-32. For Smiths Dock, Graythorp, Hartlepool, see PWR/4/2/2/3. The International Construction Projects section contains files relating to docks in Australia, Malaysia, Cyprus, Ecuador and Nigeria: see PWR/4/3/9, PWR/4/3/16, PWR/4/3/8, PWR/4/3/24 and PWR/4/3/31. The Litigation Papers include material relating to Clyde Bank Shipyard and Southampton Docks: see PWR/4/5/76 and PWR/4/5/99.