Notes for a speech by Millicent Garrett Fawcett

Scope and Content

Manuscript notes, nine sheets, for a speech at Mansion House, 8 Mar 1916. Urges audience to take the cards she is having distributed to them, pledging 'every possible penny to the Government'. Remarkable job the Government has done in difficult circumstances, though she wishes 'the Govt and H of C would give more personal example of saving - no more banquets until the war is over'. Personal sacrifices needed to ensure victory. 'Almost everyone can do without something. Concerts, theatres, picture shows, sweets, alcohol, tobacco. We can walk instead of driving. We can use omnibuses instead of taxis, post cards every often instead of 1d stamps. We can take our own messages, carry our own parcels, go without new clothes and hats, mend our old clothes and make them last.'