Notes for a statement to the NUWSS Council by Millicent Garrett Fawcett

Scope and Content

Manuscript notes, six sheets, for a statement to the NUWSS Council. Where their work is going, patriotic statements. Addressing disagreements in Council: 'The Council has now to decide whether we can take another step forward together. It will not be quite easy and simple. We have all of us to remember the comprehensive character of the NU embracing all parties, all sections'. Appeal for the NUWSS not to be split, does not want 'the party that proves to be in majority run a steam roller over the other'. 'Can we not seek, in the Congress which follows the war, that steps shall be taken which will materially strengthen the hopes of a permanent peace. I shall have the opportunity of speaking on the resolutions which embody some of these hopes - therefore will say no more now but will conclude in the words of our dearly beloved international leader and president Mrs Chapman Catt, that 'you may vote me down but I shall not resign'.