Deputation to the Prime Minister by Millicent Garrett Fawcett

Scope and Content

Manuscript notes, six sheets and two loose typescript inserts, one attached press cutting. Draft for a speech on behalf of a deputation of women to Lloyd George, Jun 1917, urging the Prime Minister to introduce without delay legislation based on the Speaker's Conference. (One sheet, bearing a rewritten version of part of the speech, is not in MGF's handwriting.) One of the typescript pages attached is headed 'Questions to be asked of Mr Lloyd George: 1. Are we right in understanding that the Government have promised to introduce a Franchise Bill including a measure of Women's Suffrage?; 2. Does the Government intend (a) to make Women's Suffrage an integral part of the Government Franchise Bill? (b) that the Government Whips shall be put on in support of the principle?', and has on it in MGF's writing: 'WS to be in the Bill' and 'To be regarded as a H of C Bill'. The second loose sheet is headed 'Order of Deputation', and lists the members of the deputation who will speak: MGF, Adelaide Anderson, Mary Macarthur, Mrs Watt, Mrs Edwards, Mrs Despard, 'Also, if Mr Lloyd George will ask her, Mrs Pankhurst'. Press cutting from The Times, 29 Mar 1917, is an extract from a parliamentary speech discussing voting age for women.