Speech notes and material relating to women's war service

Scope and Content

Material tied together in a bundle labelled on the front: 'Ancoats, 3 Oct 1915', seventeen sheets and loose cuttings.

* 'Ancoats, Oct 3 1915'. One sheet of manuscript notes for a speech. Talks in general terms about the work that women have done in the war.

* 'NUWSS and the War. Rochester Jun 4 1915'. Twelve numbered sheets of manuscript notes, with four additional pages (two numbered 8-9 and two unnumbered), all part of the notes for the same speech. Discusses the situation with which the NUWSS was faced on the outbreak of war in 1914. Lists the activities that the NUWSS has undertaken since then, and the war work of women in general. On the reverse of p.3 is stuck a cutting from The Times of 19 Jan 1915, about the appeal for the extension of the London School of Medicine for Women. Mentions the work of Louisa Garrett Anderson and Flora Murray in France, now working directly under the War Office; the work of the Scottish Women's Hospitals. Other work that women have done in the war. The Government's call for women to register for war service (attached to p.8 is a press cutting, source and date uncertain: 'Women: Government Scheme: Industrial Mobilization'). Points out that this measure had been suggested by the NUWSS in Aug 1914, but that all offers of service from women had been refused. Takes exception to Asquith's suggestion that 'if the women will step in' the employment crisis in the munitions industry can be solved; there have in fact been very many women waiting to help since 1914. What is lacking is the government machinery and organisation to deal with them. Talks widely about the war work done by women

* Printed handbill 'Women's Service', published by the London Society for Women's Suffrage. Manuscript note at the top by MGF: 'A big Society'.

* Printed notice 'War Service for Women', announcing the formation of the Horsham Women's Emergency Corps. Manuscript note at the top by MGF: 'A little Society'.

* Press cutting, 'What More Can Women Do', source uncertain, dated 17 Sep 1915. Discusses the large number of women waiting to do war work, and the need for the Government to work out how they are going to employ them (referred to in speech notes above).

* Press cutting, 'Women and War Work', source The Manchester Guardian, 17 Sep 1915. Letter to the editor from Evelyn M Atkinson and Ray Strachey

* Press cutting, 'Record of the Munitions Ministry', source The Times, 16 Sep 1915. Report of Mr Asquith's speech in the House of Commons on the need to expand the munitions industry, and to accept women working in the industry (referred to in speech notes above).

* Press cutting ''Tons of Bread' wasted at internment camps', source uncertain, no date. Report of surplus food going to waste and internment camps for aliens (referred to in speech notes above).

* Press cutting 'Professor's Protest', letter to The Times, 19 May 1915, from Professor L Oppenheim (referred to in speech notes above).

* Press cutting, 'Aims of the Allies: Sir E Grey on Peace Conditions', source The Times, dated 23 Mar 1915.