Gladys E Bretherton to Millicent Garrett Fawcett

Scope and Content

Sends a copy of a letter from Miss Carswell about opportunities for the YWCA in Bangalore, and extracts paragraphs from a letter from Rev W Findlay who is doing a survey of all missionary work in India. His remarks support Miss Carswell's contentions about the importance of new 'All-India' organisations, and the new awareness among educated women of their opportunities. Feels the YWCA is the most fitted of all organisations to take advantage of the situation. Typed, signed. (2 pages).

Enclosed: Letter from Miss Carswell, dated 3 Apr 1916, addressed to the Hon Mrs Montagu Waldegrave, President of the World's Committee of the YWCA. Explains the changed situation of educated women in Bangalore, and her view of it, and its opportunities for the YWCA. Typed, copy (4 pages).