Press Cuttings relating to the First World War

Scope and Content

A collection of press cuttings collected by Millicent Garrett Fawcett during the First World War years. The cuttings, many of which are annotated in MGF's hand, originate from a range of local, national and international publications. They are arranged chronologically in folders by year.

Specific topics covered:


Events around the declaration of war, the reaction of women's organisations, the fall of Antwerp and the sufferings of the Belgian people. Also included are a typescript translation of the Second Statement from the Belgian Investigation Commission dated 31 Aug 1914, which describes the events following the German invasion of Belgium; a whole issue of 'The Times Monthly Review of the War', dated 3 Nov 1914 [fragile]; a whole issue of 'The French Yellow Book', published with The Times 19 Dec 1914, which contains full text of the political documents exchanged between various countries in the months before the start of war.


'The Times Review of the Year', dated 1 Jan 1914; events in Belgium; Socialist (Allies) Conference, 14 Feb 1915; letter from the secretary of the NUWSS to affiliated societies about the decision of the NUWSS not to take part in the International Congress of Women at The Hague in Apr 1915; copy of a letter to Miss Janes from the Marchioness of Aberdeen, President of the International Council of Women, discussing what women in different countries should be doing, and mentioning that she will not be attending the Congress in The Hague; deputation to the Board of Trade about women's war service, Apr 1915; cuttings about the Peace Conference at The Hague; war work for women.


Women and war work, need for more women; question of the new parliamentary register and the enfranchisement of women; Report of the Royal Commission on Venereal Diseases; parliamentary questions about financial support given to Mrs Pankhurst's 'Right to Serve' demonstration; the falling birth rate and infant mortality; National Council for Combatting Venereal Diseases; Monthly News of the Conservative & Unionist Women's Franchise Association, Oct 1915; women's work in Germany.


Women workers' pay; the Criminal Law Amendment Bill of Feb 1917, dealing with inter alia venereal diseases; whole issue of the Boston 'Women's Journal', 24 Mar 1917 [fragile]; speeches by General Smuts; an issue of 'Great Thoughts', 15 Dec 1917 (includes tribute to MGF).


Problems raised by women's war work; 'maisons tolérées' in France: the stance of the NUWSS [see also 7MGF/A/1/235-7]; issue of 'Goodwill: a Journal of International friendship' dated 12 Mar 1918 with articles highlighted by MGF; equal pay for women; infant welfare in Germany'; issue of 'Goodwill: a Journal of International friendship' dated 3 Jun 1918; claim by American journalist Edward Bok that American soldiers are being harassed in London by prostitutes on the streets and in hotels and subsequent correspondence to the papers; the League of Nations; reprint of the President Woodrow Wilson's address to the US Senate, asking them to pass the Suffrage Bill, 30 Sep 1918; anomalous position of women doctors serving with the RAMC; resignation of the Kaiser; Coalition Manifesto, Nov 1918; reprint of 'The Future of Women Workers', leading article in The Times of 7 Dec 1918; Women's Village Councils; '1914-1918: A retrospect of the war', published by the Manchester Guardian, 11 Nov 1918' [fragile].


League of Nations; part of The Times 8 May 1919, devoted to the Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations [fragile].

Undated items

Manifesto of the Independent Labour Party: 'The War in Europe'; manifesto of the International Peace Service League; manuscript notes for speeches by MGF; House of Lords debate on morals and health among soldiers; 'Life's Cost', article by MGF in 'The Conservative & Unionist Women's Franchise Review'.

Physical Characteristics and/or Technical Requirements

Fragile - Oversize items unavailable awaiting conservation as at Jul 2007