Millicent Garrett Fawcett on the future of the Women's Liberal Unionist Association

Scope and Content

Manuscript text, no heading or date, in Millicent Garrett Fawcett's handwriting. Discusses the future direction of the Association. 'The Union(?) among Liberal Unionists is at an end, and the division between them is reflected in the executive committee of the WLUA [Women's Liberal Unionist Association] and I have little doubt also in the general body of the members of the Association. The free tradeparty on the executive committee consists of the Lady Frances Balfour, Miss Flora Stevenson of Edinburgh, Mrs Heywood Jonstone and myself.' Millicent Garrett Fawcett and the others mentioned favour winding up the Association. Describes the formation of the WLUA in 1888, initially to resist Home Rule, but with the additional aims of promoting Liberal principles and 'the development of local liberties. However, the current political situation is entirely different: 'Home Rule is a dead and discredited policy … the centre of gravity in politics has changed … the great political issue before the country is between Free Trade and Protection'. Membership of the WLUA has fallen. 'It seems to me more dignified on the part of Protectionist members of the Assn to join some such organisation as [the Women's Section of the Tariff Reform League], rather than try to wrest this Assn into working for a cause for which it never was intended, and of course a similar remark applies equally to Free Traders'