Speech notes and other material relating to women's contribution to the national war effort

Scope and Content

Material tied together in a bundle: 17 sheets of manuscript notes. Headed 'Bristol Nov 23 1915'. 'It is urgently necessary for us as far as may be to avoid discussion so that at the end of the war our great Union may emerge with power unimpaired to pursue the task we are all agreed upon viz the enfranchisement of women. General guiding principles. Any work which we undertake should be national not sectional or party in character. We must look for spheres of activity useful to the nation which will divide us least. I may summarize my own ideas on this point under four headings for more than one of which your Society has already worked with great effect'. [Headings = 'All life saving activities'; 'The campaign in support of national economy and prevention of waste'; 'The safeguarding of the special interests of women'; 'Help and relief to our Allies' (crossed out)] Covers many of the same topics as in previous speeches, under those headings. Pinned to the reverse of p.6 is a press cutting: 'Women Assessors for Munitions Courts', dated 22 Nov 1915. Finishes with comments on the progress of the suffrage movement during the war. 'We cannot tell what progress it has made in his country but I am strongly convinced that it has not gone back. The work of women for their country, the noble self sacrifice of her mothers, the readiness of women for service of all kinds and the excellent quality of their work, has I am convinced made a deep impression even on hardened Antis'. Also included:

* Typed extract of the NUWSS Council resolution of 6 Aug 1914 to suspend political activities

* Letter from the General Secretary of the National Council for Combatting Venereal Diseases dated 5 Aug 1919, apologising that a circular letter was send to MGF unstamped, and refunding the postage.