Scope and Content

From George Legh to Mary Countess of Stamford, containing a copy of a letter sent to T[homas] Hunt. G.L. asserts that owners of mills must insist that a clause be inserted that "neither the Duke his heir or assigns or any other person whatsoever (NB these last words will be necessary to prevent Evasions) shall erect any mill on or near any Loch or wear made for the use of his Canal... ". Any clause to preserve the water to any particular mill will be of little use, "as the Duke may erect as many mills as he pleases... & by his communication with the Mersey (tonnage for his own use) he may supply his mills from distant parts with all sorts of Grain, & in great measure fix the price of Grain flower & meal at Manchester market & greatly prejudice the farmers".

Postscript: regrets he cannot see M.C.S.'s son Booth Grey at Tabley, "for the wet season has made the road excessive bad for a Carriage, & I am too lame to consider horseback".

Addressed on dorse.