Counterpart Lease in Trust

Scope and Content

Lessee: Hugo Worthington of Altrincham gent, devisee in trust under the will of William Rawlins dec'd.

Tenement no.: 82.

Property: as in EGR14/2/7/419/1 above, the messuage now being in the occupation of William Rawlins of Oldfield to. Dunham Massey farmer and Joseph Rawlins of Oldfield tanner, sons of William Rawlins dec'd.

Lessee is to hold upon the trusts declared in the will of William Rawlins dec'd.

Rent: £2 4s. Heriot: £2. Consideration: £44.

Clauses: Lord Stamford reserves the right to retake possession of the property at any time during the residue of the term, for the purpose of enclosing and fencing the premises, and planting with trees or plants.

Surrendered lease: to William Rawlins dec'd, [EGR14/2/7/420].

Endorsed with declaration by James Greaves, assignee of lessee, that he will abide by the conditions set down by Lord Stamford in a memorandum dated 16 March 1833, namely that he will not use any existing building, or erect any new building, as a public house, beer-shop or factory, or for any other purpose than as a dwelling-house, without Lord Stamford's consent, 7 May 1833.