Counterpart Lease

Scope and Content

Lessee: Randle Warham of [Dunham] Woodhouses to. Dunham Massey yeo.

Tenement no.: 30.

Property: 3 cottages or dwelling-houses in [Dunham] Woodhouses now in the occupation of William Evans, Mary Shaw and Samuel Moreton, and 2 crofts in Woodhouses thereto belonging called the Old Croft and the New Croft (1 r. 4 p.).

Rent: 11s. Heriot: £1 10s. Consideration: £36.

Surrendered lease: to William Evans, [EGR14/2/7/123].

Endorsed with memorandum of consent for the lessee to hold a parcel of waste in Dunham Massey adjoining the premises (19 p.), rent 5s, 24 August 1810.